Company Profile

Passion to Go Further

  • Building Promocom with a perspective to design and introduce components that can significantly impact many of the features of your applications and processes.
  • We work with a combination of their unique capabilities, lifetime, and the premise of fair and acceptable prices.


Where We Know It

  • We build on our knowledge and collaboration with manufacturers of conveyor systems, and single-purpose and industrial machines.
  • We bring personal experience from the majority of industries and applications across many fields or detailed insights into individual processes.
  • We understand, collaborate, and communicate across the boundaries of the demanding distributor and trader sales channel.

Expertise at Every Step

  • We offer unique combinations of performance, quality, durability, and innovation.
  • We select technical solutions that best meet the specified parameters of the order or project.
  • We strive to meet individual requirements and create components that perfectly fulfil the expected function.
  • We believe that synchronous elements, in particular, fully meet the criteria of the latest production trends and technologies.


Personal Approach Matters

  • The beginning of Promocom is linked to an event we turned into an opportunity. 
  • We gained the flexibility and the right to make quick decisions that prioritize customer needs and their long-term satisfaction.
  • We brought along a deep enthusiasm for a good quality product and a never-ending endeavour for creative innovation.
  • We build on our 30-year-long professional knowledge, skills, and experience in intralogistics, conveying, and handling.

Authentic Effort and Stories

  • We pay close attention to the choice of our suppliers.
  • We assess the ability to keep high-standard quality of products, services, communication, and reliability.
  • We build on time-verified cooperation. Our partners lean on family tradition, experience, and in-built zest for this field.