Process & Motion Components

We optimize components and improve efficiency and process quality.

Modern trends in automation and robotics are setting clear limits to traditional transport. High speeds, precise positioning, correct orientations rely on direct, positive product drive, capable of precise, synchronized processes. We equip products with accessories, improve their properties, and increase their ability to withstand demanding conditions of performance and quality combined with specified parameters and durability.


  • process belts
  • process profiles
  • timing belts
  • monolithic - synchronized belts
  • wire and steel belts
  • modular belts and chains

Bridging distances, bridging gaps, and shortening time.

Traditional products for conventional transport rely on friction between the smooth bottom side and the drum to transfer power. Such a concept is flexible and economical. If load, speed, or acceleration is exceeded, slippage will occur. The product may move or slip during starting and stopping or when acceleration changes. The consequence can be a potential change in product positioning and orientation.


  • conveyor belts
  • flat belts
  • endless belts
  • monolithic belts
  • homogeneous profiles
  • PTFE belts, foils

We combine drive and experience, prioritizing purpose and passion.

We are building Promocom with the perspective of designing and introducing components that can significantly impact a range of properties of your applications and processes. We work with a combination of their unique capabilities, long life, and the premise of fair and affordable pricing. We have a deeply embedded drive for a quality product and a constant pursuit of creative innovation. We build on over 30 years of professional knowledge and experience.

Com ...

  • Components - with process, motion, and handling functions
  • Company - with a drive for quality products and continuous innovation
  • Commerce - services, reliability, and quality at acceptable prices
  • Community - working with OEM, end-users, and distributors
  • Commitment - we prioritize customer needs and satisfaction
  • Communication - we deal openly and fairly with customers and suppliers