Automation, Robotics, Intralogistics

Automation, Robotics, Intralogistics

Perfect Harmony

Automated, robotic and conveyor systems are designed and implemented to facilitate production processes. When integrated into the production, packaging and warehouse environment, these systems increase efficiency and decrease costs. System synergies and their solutions guarantee their repeatability, accuracy and excellent quality. Conveyor systems can be customized to any shape, size and weight of the goods to be transported. The product to be conveyed influences the selection process of process and motion components, conveyor or modular belts, timing belts, or flat belts.

Field Options

  • automotive, tyre
  • logistics, distribution
  • food and beverage
  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • engineering, metal
  • appliances, white goods
  • electro
  • building materials
  • chemicals, plastics
  • processing industry

Application Areas

  • transport, transfers
  • manipulation, positioning
  • turning, overturning
  • lifting, positioning
  • placement, stacking
  • accumulation, acceleration
  • collecting, sorting
  • alignment, sorting
  • assembly, measurement
  • cycling, identification
  • packaging, palletizing