Multi-track Transport, Transfers

Multi-track Transport, Transfers

Reliability of Movement

A multi-track conveyor is a material-handling solution consisting of two or more tracks. They transport assembly pallet tools on two-track conveyors or large formats of boards, panels and sheets on multi-track conveyors. The conveyor can be configured to any necessary width depending on the size of the format to be conveyed. As many conveyor tracks as needed can be designed - flat belts, timing belts or process timing belts - to ensure smooth transport. Multi-track conveyor function is not only direct transport but often also functions as transfer sections. They take care of changing the direction of transport, usually by 90°, but also at other arbitrary angles.

Application Areas

  • veneer, plywood
  • wooden prisms, planks
  • formwork boards
  • interior doors
  • floating floors, wooden floors, and parquets
  • glued, laminated wood
  • particleboard LDF
  • fibreboard MDF
  • fibreboard HDF
  • chipboard OSB
  • isolation fibreboard WF
  • cement-bonded particleboard
  • plasterboard
  • mineral wool, glass wool
  • expanded polystyrene board EPS
  • flat glass, windows
  • artificial stone
  • sheets and sheet metal formats
  • cardboard and corrugated board
  • solar and photovoltaic panels
  • sandwich panels
  • industrial and garage door