Single-purpose Machines

Single-purpose Machines

Single-purpose machines reflect applications and processes in industrial fields. For a product that cannot be produced efficiently with standard machines, a single-purpose machine is the ideal solution. Depending on the task and function, there are high-performance, technological and process components implemented in the machines. If precise positioning and orientation are required, synchronous elements are the best choice – timing belts. Grip, or conversely a slip, accumulation ability ensures a suitably selected accessory - the surface. If the application requires precise positioning, we design, without loss of position, the appropriate accessory carriers to keep the product in a specific place and with the correct orientation.

Accessories - Surfaces

  • polyurethane
  • PVC
  • rubber
  • silicone
  • foam materials
  • non-woven fabrics
  • fabrics

Accessories - Cleats

  • machined plate, TPU hardness 92°A
  • welded TPU shapes
  • injection moulded shapes
  • machined metal materials
  • combined with threaded bushings
  • combined with pins
  • interchangeable, plug-in, screwed