Process Interconnectivity

Packaging is a process that is one of the segments of the vast majority of manufacturing operations and technologies. Packaging lines are included in the production lines of many industries. Process and motion components, conveyor belts, modular belts, timing belts and flat belts, provide solutions in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes, especially in the individual applications listed below.

Primary Packaging - Direct Contact with the Product

  • opening, forming, folding, and closing of boxes
  • cleaning, cooling, disinfection, sterilisation
  • filling, weighing, dosing, measuring
  • capping, sealing, lamination
  • vertical forming, filling, sealing, welding - VFFS
  • horizontal forming, filling, capping, welding - HFFS
  • check weighing, testing, inspection
  • labelling, marking, coding
  • inter-operation transport and handling

Secondary Packaging - Protection, Presentation

Tertiary Packaging - Palletising, Depalletizing

  • horizontal, vertical wrapping, shrink wrapping